Today’s Prayer (05/01/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that I will stay strong in the faith. That Satan’s power will not come upon me, in order for me to fall into sin and shame. I know where I stand with You now, and I do not wish to lose it. You are my God and I worship You now and forever. The devil may come with his temptations, and they may seem good on the outside, but really they are so filthy. I can no longer willfully sin and feel like I am right with You, God. And I pray that Christians throughout the world will feel the same way. That sin leads to death and not life eternal with You in heaven. We can be satisfied while in our fleshly ways for a time, but that will never lead to true happiness. Only those that love what you love and hate what You hate are fit for Your kingdom. This is the born again lifestyle. Where we no longer live for ourselves but live for You. Even our own standards are no more but are now built upon the rock of Jesus. Yes, Lord, our foundation is now secure because we have built our house upon the rock, which will never be destroyed. Only those people whose foundation is built upon the sand, will it all vanish come death. For this reason, God, do I live my life to serve You. I delight in walking in Your ways, so I keep Your statues close to my heart at all times. Your commands are now my commands, for I love Your ways. Your words are sweeter than honey. You have opened my eyes that I may see You and live. You have opened my ears that I may hear Your voice and follow You. I will walk this life with You by my side, even until my last breath is taken. I love too much to desert You. Amen.

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