Today’s Prayer (04/29/2020)

Oh God, thank You for sending me into the world, in order to preach the good news of the gospel. I know that there will be obstacles along the way, but I am ready to talk to anyone that has an ear to hear. Lord, I’ve encountered many people that only want to mock me in these efforts, but I know that You have called me to be a light unto the world, so I do this for You. It is my desire to see many more souls be saved, that they may not have to encounter Your wrath come judgment day. It is my desire to see more people wake up to their sins and then draw near unto You in their confessions. It is humility that You are seeking inside of each us, and that is who I wish to find for Your kingdom. It is Your love that has humbled myself down to becoming a bondservant for You on this earth. Of which I am happier than I have been. Surely, the wicked people of this world do not understand what they are missing out on. Can’t they see that we have peace that doesn’t end? That it is because of Your presence that we are happy. Your ways are good and faithful and all those that draw near unto You will become strong in the faith. No longer will they let their guard down and be just like anyone else in this world, but live out their whole lives for You. So God, call every person, even this very hour, that say they are Christian, and wake them up to their sins this day. If they desire to learn and grow in the faith in Church and worship You there, may they also learn to do this outside of those doors? It is our everyday walk that determines if we truly love You or not. Not what we do one day out of the week. As for me, my whole life is dedicated to serving You. I love You more than life itself. These things I pray and give You glory, this day and forever. Amen.
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