Today’s Prayer (04/22/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will understand the need to be born again. Surely, only people that are born again through water and the Holy Spirit can enter the kingdom of God. Therefore, this commitment to be baptized should be in the thoughts of all people that want to follow You, Jesus, but haven’t done so yet. For it is the day that we put on You, Jesus. We are then able to do things that we would not be able to do on our own will. It is because Your presence is now with us continually. Which is amazing. This is the gift that You have promised us, even the gift of the Holy Ghost. Lord, it is because You are with me, that I have no more desire to look at pornography, play violent video games, and even watch shows and movies that don’t uplift me to follow You. These things do not matter anymore in life. What matters is what I can do for Your kingdom, and if the things I am watching is not helping me in these efforts, I simply cast them aside. Nothing is better than to have Your blessings fall down upon me and those people around me. I love it when you are guiding the conversations I have with people. I love it when I can pray for someone with confidence that You will heal them. It is awesome to open my mouth and know that You are filling it with your words. Even the miracles I perform is not me doing a thing, but You showcasing Your mighty power. Lord, the wickedness in this world is really disturbing. I can see things that I never saw before and it is startling. I just hope and pray that people will also be born again, that they may not fall victim to the enemy, and be unaware of it. Surely, we cannot be saved unless You are leading us. I love You, Lord. I trust in You, God. Amen.

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