Today’s Prayer (02/26/2020)

Oh Lord, help us fight the enemy. Don’t allow the enemy to take control of our lives any longer, but cast every evil force to be far from us. We do not wish to have any more demonic forces to have hold of our lives, but to be drawn to You instead. So cast out any evil spirits from us now, in Your mighty Name, Jesus. I call upon You now to lead us to safety and to destroy the enemy in our lives. Help us come out of a life of sin, that we may do more than say we love and believe in You, but also keep Your commandments. I know that if I am not able to resist temptation, I am unable to do this, but when the Holy Spirit is present, I can do all things. So I ask that Your presence will fall upon us now, Lord, as we pray this. We admit that we are a sinner and confess our sins openly to You now. We desire to have Your blood to cover us and wash us clean. It is our prayer that You will also come into our lives fully. Help us no longer be pulled into different directions while falling into different addictions and bad habits. Instead, lead us by the hand. Fill us up with fruits of the Spirit, that we may be a servant for Your kingdom instead of the flesh. The world only wants to deceive us into thinking that having pleasure in lust is ok, but Satan is a liar, and we pray that You will cast Him out of our lives once and for all. We do not wish to be a servant to sin, but a servant for You, God. You are our delight and not what the world offers. You are God and we worship You, Jesus. We need You, Lord, every day of our lives. Be near us, and don’t let us fall victim to the enemy. Build us up with Your armor and we will come out victorious. I love You, Lord. All I want to do Is do Your will. So lead me on the path of righteousness. Amen.
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