Today’s Prayer (02/04/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray for every person who currently has a problem with using profanity. I know how wrong this it, for it grieves the Spirit in me when people are using it. If only people could understand the importance of the Holy Spirit, then they would no longer be using evil speaking, but by seeking to say and do as You would have for their lives. There would be a transformation in people’s lives, if they could just allow You to rip from their hearts and minds every form of cussing, talking down to people, crude jokes, and anger problems. These issues are so prevalent today and no longer people can put on a good face at church and do these things, while still believing in You. The Spirit is speaking against such things, and I pray that people will confess their faults one to another, and more importantly, to You in prayer. People need to ask forgiveness for every foul thing that has come from their mouths. For they do not know the number of people that have also been offended by their swearing or cussing. People that love You, like I do, would never want to be a loose canon when it comes to our speech. Instead, we take every thought captive, that You may help us say the right things to people. Lord, it is my desire that people will put off their old man/women for Your cause. Then, can You transform their lives. I know how it felt when I was born again, and I wish that more people would experience this also. So come now into every person’s heart that says they believe in You, but are still living for the flesh. Give them a heart change and point them on Your path of righteousness. Then, will they understand that showing kindness and love towards others is much better than saying profane things. You are my God and I believe in You. Teach me to walk in Your light all my days. I love You more than anything this world can offer me. Amen.
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