Today’s Prayer (01/25/2020)

Oh Lord, I believe in You, God. You are all-powerful and can do all things for my life, for the greater good. I may not be ready to fight the battles in life, but with You on my side, I can come out victorious. Therefore, I ask You this day to come into my life fully. I am ready to make You the king of my life and allow You to use me for Your kingdom. I may have been hesitant to go all-in for what You want to do in my life, but I am ready now. I do not wish to have the enemy have his way in my life anymore. So please come and make me a shield of faith. Give me a sword to fight the enemy, even Your Word. The Bible is sharper than any two-edged sword. What You have spoken convicts my hearts to repentance, that I may live a life that pleases You. It also causes the enemy to freeze in his tracks, that He will have no room in my life any longer. I may be tempted still, but You are able to lead me out of temptation. This I pray that You will be with me and lead me far from the enemy. I trust that You can do all things in my life. Even sin can be removed from my heart if You desire it. I do not wish to walk in willful sin, but only to have You expel it from my heart, my mind, and my actions. I pray that people will look at me and see You. It is my desire to share Your love with all people, and by having Your light in me many more souls will be saved. Thank You, Jesus, for your forgiveness and mercy. I am grateful to see You moving in my life now and seeing where You will take me. I love You. Amen.
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