Today’s Prayer (01/02/2020)

Oh Lord, I love You and only want to do as You would have me live this life. Even when people have hurt me over these many years, all I desire is that they receive my forgiveness, as You have forgiven me. Surely, how can I receive Your forgiveness freely, when I cannot forgive others? I would be a hypocrite of wanting something that I am unwilling to do myself. So cast out all anger, evil intentions, and resentment from every person’s heart that are having a hard time forgiving there neighbor now. I ask this especially for those that call themselves Christians. These are the people who desire forgiveness from You and need to learn how to forgive others now, and not later. So come into their lives, as You have come into mine, and break down every wall that is up. Help these people see the good in all people, including those that have hurt them, while showing love to their enemies. Surely, it is so good to have Your mercy and compassion fall down upon me when I have wronged You. Therefore, all I wish is that people would receive the forgiveness and mercy that I have towards them. There are no more hard feelings towards anyone who has done me unjustly in this life, but only love as You love them, oh Lord. Thank You for teaching me this lesson on forgiveness and mercy. I am so grateful to be on the receiving grounds of Your mercy in my life. And because of my faith in You, God, who saves, I am moved to forgive and love as you do. It is a pleasure to love You and my neighbor as myself. Amen.
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