Today’s Prayer (11/23/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that more people will endure in the faith. That once they make the decision to believe in You, Jesus, that they will not back down, but go all in for Your kingdom and Your glory. Then, can You continually be with them, as You are with me, while lifting up their hopes, which come from heaven above. You have the power to break us free from all sin and addiction in our lives, while cleansing us from within. We don’t have to be a slave to sin any longer, but a willful follower of what You have spoken and are continuing to speak to us now. Thank You for Your holy words in the Bible. They are refreshing to my ears and are like pure honey to my taste. I am so blessed to be filled with what You have spoken in scripture. Thank You for allowing Your Words to be in my heart and in my mind. Because of this, I am at peace now, and can rest in Your promises that come from above. All I want is more of You and less of my own desires, which only lead to death and destruction. My soul sings hallelujah to Your great Name, oh God. I am amazed at Your love for me. Thank You, Lord. May there be more people that will experience Your love before they die. Then, will they know as I know that only You have the power to save us from hell, and raise us up into newness of life on this earth and in heaven. I love You, Lord. Only You could save a wretch like me. Into Your arms will I dwell forever. Amen.
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