Today’s Prayer (10/31/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray for every person that is deceived into believing that Halloween is OK and therefore, participates in it each year. There is so much wickedness and evil in this day and I pray that people will wake up to know this. You have declared this truth in my heart, and I am so grateful. In the past, I may have thought nothing of this day and even think that going to haunted houses were cool and all, until You convicted me of my sins. Lord, the day that You opened my eyes, I was finally able to see through the outside appearance of what takes place on this day and see that it is Satan driving it all. Surely, Lord, You would never have anything to do with scaring people, or have people dress up in costumes that only degrade You, or go to people’s homes, where it is decorated inside or out with ghosts, bones, witches or other gruesome things. Instead, You would cast these things out of Your sight and speak out against it. Truly, Lord, it was hard just being outside today, while witnessing to people. The Spirit out there was very dark and evil, and therefore, it was apparent that people were being led astray. Lord, this saddens me greatly to see people that I know and others that say they believe in You walk in such darkness. Oh, how I wish that people would wake up to their sins and follow You, that You may scatter the darkness in their life and lead them into Your light. Surely, we should be seeking Your will and not what everybody else says is good. Your ways trump what we think and feel. This I believe and honor You in what You have spoken in the Bible and in prayer. I love You more than anything this world makes out to be good, for there is only guilt and shame in that. So fill me up with your love. I want more of You and less of me. Keep me on Your righteous path, that I may shine Your light for all to say. I love You Lord. Amen.
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