Today’s Prayer (10/13/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that more pastors will not be afraid of teaching on the topic of pornography. Surely, if they are saved and You have rescued them from this sexual sin, then they ought to be preaching against it. Just as You saved me, oh Lord, from the bondage of this addiction, You are able to free anyone that puts their faith in You. We are not here to fight our own battles, for that will never help us in the long run. That is why You have called people as Your pastors in churches. These people are here to warn the flock of God of the wrath to come, lest they repent and come unto You fully, Jesus. For this reason, I pray that people that are called to be a pastor will live up to their calling and say and do as the Holy Spirit leads them and not say or do what people in the church are telling them. Surely, it is better to help people know what is wicked and righteous in Your sight, then to lead people on the pathway to hell, unknowingly. Therefore, I am grateful Lord that You have at least given me and other evangelists, teachers and pastors the boldness to preach on this topic of pornography. I am not afraid to say what You have and other men of God have said in scripture. I don’t wish to see anyone that says they believe in You to not be saved, because of a sin like pornography. These people may be in bondage now, but they can be set free through Your almighty power. Come Lord, and convict these people of their sins, so that they will confess their sins openly to You today. Then, can they be cleansed from all their sins and be placed on the path of righteousness. Surely, your mercy and forgiveness is for them. They can know the way, like I have, when we look to You, God. I love You. I trust in You, Lord. Amen.
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