Today’s Prayer (10/03/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that people that say they believe in You, will also pray often and read the Bible daily. This way will they know and do what You have taught us and follow the teachings of men. It is so important that we don’t let other people get our beliefs mixed up with their own doctrines of men. So help shield our minds, as we start learning what You have taught us in scripture. May we know if we what we are already believing in is true and what people are trying us to teach is true as well. If there is any false believes inside of us now, flush them out, oh Lord. If there are false teachings being taught in the church that we go to, bring this to our attention, that we might walk away from it and find a more faithful Bible believing church. I don’t wish my mind to become accepting of things that You have said nothing about or against. For this reason, God, it is my wish to have Your Spirit with me at all times. Help me know the difference between what is good in Your sight and what is evil. May I never fall victim to believing in another gospel again. I now know from scripture that Jesus died for our sins on the cross and was resurrected the third day. Believing in this, I know to be the truth gospel message. Because You died for my sins, Jesus, I have forgiveness and mercy. When I repent and come unto You fully, then You are able to set me free and put me on the right path. In doing this, You are able to lead me away from sin and into Your light. It is because You have risen, I am made alive in the Spirit and am able to know what is righteous and holy in Your sight. I love You ways, oh Lord. Keep me in the faith, and never let me drift in any other direction. I love You more than the comforts of knowing anything else that You can teach me. Your ways are true and faithful and I am grateful to be a part of it. I love You. Amen.

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