Today’s Prayer (08/03/2019)

Lord, I am so grateful for Your commandments. They have truly changed my life. As I have come unto You and have been washed and sanctified by Your blood, Jesus, my eyes have been opened to the importance of obeying You. The day that You forgave me of my sins and had mercy upon my soul did I learn that Your ways are holy, and now my eyes were fixed upon what is good and righteous. I didn’t want anything evil to overtake my soul and lead me to hell any longer, instead my desire was to be led by You, that every temptation would be distinguished and Your armor would protect me. And this desire has become a reality, because You abide in me. Because You are in my mind and my heart at all times, Your counsel is heard. Thank You for giving me the direction I need in life and to know You better each day. I love You Lord and obeying You is what I desire to do all my days. If I am doing anything that is against Your will now, please make this known to me. I only wish to obey You and never dishonor You. You are too important to me Lord, so falling into willful sin is out of the equation. I will not let the enemy take me down, for I know that You will keep me strong in the faith. I may not be capable of achieving the goals that You have set forth in my life, but with Your love abiding within me, I can do all things by Your hand. I may be weak in the flesh, but I am also made strong in the Spirit. You have changed my whole life and now I have the power to fight against sin and win the battle. Because You have a hand in my life, my heart and soul is upon You. I love every law that You have set forth and desire for us to keep now. This I know and will keep Your commands dear to my heart, because I need more of Your will in my life and less of the world. Keep me clean and spotless from the lusts of the flesh. I love You Lord and trust in You in all things. Amen.

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