Today’s Prayer (07/31/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will always be there for us. May we never forget to call upon Your Name, especially when we are in trouble. I know that if we just reach out to You, then You will fight the battle for us. We don’t have to struggle through trials on our own, but have Your comfort to ease the pain. Then, will Your peace give us clarity of the situation we are in and show us how to conquer our fears. We are surely weak without You, but are made strong with You in our lives. Nothing can cause us to doubt Your goodness, when You are the one moving inside of us. People can try to cause us to stumble, but we will continue to prevail because of our faith in You, Jesus. So write on our hearts a continual desire to know what You have taught in the Bible and lean on You in prayer. Then, will we find Your counsel and know how to follow Your commands. If you are with us, we will be safe from the enemy and know what true joy is like. Our own desires will only fail us and cause us to walk the path of sin and destruction all our days, unless we wake up to You in true faith. This belief in You is real, for every person that is humble enough allows the Holy Spirit to lead them. Your good works are then able to prevail in our lives and the fruits of our faith is shown. I know that You are the answer to all our problems, Lord. Because You are my Savior, I will never doubt the miracles You can do in my life. You are extraordinary in every form of the Word, therefore, You can do mighty things through me. I trust in You, Lord. I love You with my heart, mind and strength. Be with me always. Amen.
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