Today’s Prayer (07/29/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that our relationship with You will continue to grow each day. May our faith lead us to You in prayer many times a day, that You may lead us. So many things get in the way and I pray that our intentions will be to do Your will above all things. May Your words be upon our hearts, that we may know how to serve You. Let the Bible become a lamp unto our feet as we study Your words daily. In this, will be stay grounded upon solid ground and not sink. You are our good shepherd and I am honored to follow You. Thank You Jesus for delivering me from a life of sin and placing me on the right path. I was so lost in my addictions, but You heard my prayers and had mercy upon my soul. In my lost state did I not deserve Your forgiveness, but You forgave me anyways because of Your great love. Thank You for Your compassion and leading me out of darkness and into Your light. I cannot even think of where I would be now, if You were not there with me. Oh, how lost I would be without You. Temptation and sin would be ruling me life, if You were not my shield. Thank You for all You do for me. You are my rock and my fortress. I shall not fear, for You are my strength. I know that You will never forsake me. I love You Lord. You are my greatest joy of all. All the praises and glory to Your holy Name. I sing to You, my King. May these songs of praise be lifted up into the heavens. All the glory and all the honor to You, Jesus. Amen.

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