Today’s Prayer (07/08/2019)

Lord God, I pray that as believers, we will never doubt Your will for our lives again. When You bless us with Your spiritual gifts and want to use us for Your kingdom, may we respond in favor and not question You in any way. One thing I know is that my weaknesses will become strengths, if You desire to use me in that fashion. Though I am not the best speaker, when I open my mouth Your words flow deep into the hearts of everyone listening. This did take time for me to realize in the beginning, but now I know that nothing I am unable to do in my own life can stop me from achieving Your calling for my life. If I but continue to believe in You and simply obey You, everything is possible. My slow speech is made perfect, as You lead me and guide me on Your path. The foolish are confounded by Your words that flow through my mouth. Conviction of sins is made evident and sorrow unto repentance is made a reality. For this reason, I give You all the glory and all the praise. I know that my flesh is weak and could never achieve such things on my own. if You are not doing the work, then I can do nothing good. I am glad to be Your vessel in this darken world. Your light needs to shine, in order for the darkness to escape from every souls that is lost. People are seeking to know You, and to be Your messenger is a great blessing, indeed. These people need to be found and be brought into Your kingdom, so thank You for using me to achieve this goal. Please keep leading me and using me, all the days of my life. I love seeing people come to You and be saved and am willing to do whatever You want for me. I know that Your ways are righteous and I can never get enough of Your presence. Seeing people be blessed with Your love brings me so much joy. I love You Lord. You are my God and I trust in You. Amen.
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