Today’s Prayer (05/23/2019)

Lord God, may we all be prepared to meet You, when the end of our days are done on earth. I pray that we may keep You in our hearts and minds at all times. That we may glorify You in what we say and do. Your words are a lamp unto our feet and lead us to safety. In this wicked world that we live in, we are able to know what is right and what is wrong and strive to live in Your holiness, because You are with us. I know that this desire does not come from my own self, but from You Lord, who strengthens me. If it was up to my own flesh to decide what to do in this life, surely I’d be in trouble. My lusts for the things of this world would get the best of me. Even my thoughts and desires for women would get out of hand quickly. This was my life and I no longer wish my flesh to take control over me like it did in the past. The day that You led me out of my pornography addiction and my life of adultery is when my life changed forever. I used to be in bondage of sin until You rescued me. Instead of having thoughts for myself and my needs, You gave me new thoughts for other people. With Your Spirit leading me, I was able to walk in Your light and no longer be a slave to things that I know causes me shame and guilt. And now Lord, my life is in Your hands to do with me as You please. I am Your servant and am willing to do whatever You say. Your counsel is the wisdom I need to go onward in life with hope for tomorrow. As long I am safe in Your arms, I can go through all the trials of life and still come out victorious. You are my greatest love of all and for You, Lord, I give You all the praise and honor. It is amazing to worship You and to glorify Your Name. I love You God. In thy holy Name, Jesus. Amen.
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