Today’s Prayer (05/13/2019)

Lord God, I pray that our desires will be for You each day. Fill us with Your counsel, that we may know what is right and what wrong. And point us to always choose to do Your will and run from any form of ungodliness and sin. Give us wisdom and direct us in the ways that we ought to go. Be with us always, that we may not fall victim to the sins of this world. I know that I am stronger with Your presence in my life. As we have faith in You, Lord, may it be a shield to fight against Satan and his temptations. I know the shame that comes from the bondage of sin and I am so grateful to have You lifted it off of my shoulders. I was once in darkness and You have come and raised me into Your light. Where I was once alone in this world, You have given unto me the gift of the Holy Spirit. Now my soul is comforted and I have eyes to see. All the fear that was in me is gone. That is because You have done a mighty work inside of me. What a wonderful time it is to be in Your presence and to learn of You each day. As I come unto You, I want more and more of You and less of me. May You always abide in my heart, that I might walk worthily in Your sight. It is my greatest desire to do Your will above all else, for Your ways lead to life eternal. Your gospel is truly sweet to my ears and I can never learn enough, when it comes to Your ways. May my eyes and ears always be open to learn more each day. I love You Lord. Amen.

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