Today’s Prayer (03/21/2019)

Lord God, we come before You now, in order to learn and mature in the faith. We know Your words in scripture are true and faithful and that they will lead us in the knowledge and ways that are right. Truly, there will be less confusion when it comes to doctrines and beliefs when Your words are implanted upon our hearts. This is when we are taught and truths are made known to us. We are grateful for the Holy Spirit and for teaching us things that are important to our lives and our pathway to heaven. Truly, after death comes the resurrection and my desire is to come before You, being only a just person that I am through Your blood. That because of what You did for me on the cross, my life has been changed. I could never live out a life of faith and honor on my own, apart from You. It is Your power inside of me that moves me to live differently and do things that are pleasing in Your site. May my life honor You. You have given me strength to overcome the temptations of this world and to follow You above all things. Truly, I live my life to give You praise and to love You and my neighbor as myself. It is a great honor to live this way, for it brings me great job and happiness. I pray for all those that are on a path to destruction and are headed to hell. May they not die in their sins and resurrect this way. Instead, open their eyes to their guilt and their need for a Savior. This I pray that they confess their sins openly to You, Jesus, that they may be forgiven and find mercy. Thank You for Your compassion upon me and for all those that call upon Your Name. I love You Lord. Amen.
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