Today’s Prayer (03/14/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that everyone that goes to church will also be respectful of You and also desire to learn and grow in the faith, each time they go. It is sad to see so many people not paying attention and instead looking at their phones and dosing off. And then I ask Lord, why do these people come if they are not interested in the message? This has really bogged my mind and has got me thinking. I know how much Your salvation means to me and therefore, I go to church in order to learn more and more. I want more of you Lord and less of me. So I come with arms wide open to worship You, fellowship with others and to receive the message you have for my life. I know that the Holy Spirit speaks stronger and even more convicting then the preacher. It is when I give myself over to truly listen is when the Spirit speaks to my soul and wisdom is poured out upon me. Thank You Lord. I know that the knowledge that I gain by myself is lacking and these sermons really help my faith. Therefore, I will always make it is a habit to get enough rest for the day ahead of me. I would never want to lose focus on what You can do for and through my life. Your ways are what keep me in line and on Your righteous path. I am grateful for Your guidance and direction. Thank You for leading me away from temptation and doing things that are only distracting to my faith. You truly know better than I do and for that reason, I pay close attention. I love You Lord. I say these things in Your holy Name, Jesus. Amen.

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