Today’s Prayer (12/24/2018)

Lord God, I pray that people will remember You always. May this time of year not just be their excuse to go to church and read the story of your birth but may every person that says they believe also live out their faith throughout the year. It isn’t enough for them to showcase their faith at times and live for the world other times. I know that when I was living like this, I was never happy. There was addiction in my life and I could not deflect the temptations of the Devil. I felt very shameful and wretched. Especially when I thought of how You must have thought of me, I felt so down and depressed. If I just knew that You were reaching for me, all the day long, things would have been better. However, I chose to live this way for many years on my own and times were very rough. My decisions left my wife and everyone hanging in the back drops. My marriage almost crumbled before me, until You, God, came to my rescue. In my weakest moments I came to You and You brought me peace. You took me in and brought me the greatest comfort of all. I had no way to change my life on my own but You were able to break those chains and all the bondage is gone. I am free because of Your great love for me. Thank You for Your mercy and grace. I am so grateful for Your forgiveness. My hope is in You. I live my life for You, Jesus. Have Your way with me. I love You. Amen.
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