Today’s Prayer (11/21/2018)

Oh Lord, there is so much sin in this world and we need Your armor to cover us, lest we fall into it. I know that I am not able to stand uprightly unless Your presence is over me. I am a victim to the temptations that are all around me. Lord, help me withstand the wickedness of this world. May I be a light to the people and not fall into the darkness therein. Instead, use me to scatter the darkness that many people that are lost may find refuge in Your love, dear Lord. Sexual sin is truly killing people’s lives, spiritually and physically and I wish that people no longer have to suffer. I pray that I may find such people that are in bondage and lead them to Your light. May they turn from their wicked ways and come unto You Lord. I know that You are our Savior and can heal anyone that has a humble heart. You have changed my life and that is a testament that anyone can be healed. As I was wicked as anyone could get, I know that You, Lord, are so gracious to forgive. Thank You for Your forgiveness and mercy. I am saved by Your grace. I love You Lord. Amen.

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