Today’s Prayer (08/24/2018)

Daily Prayer:
Oh Lord, help us to show kindness to everyone around us. May Your love shine through us and into other people’s lives. I pray that more people will be uplifted while being in our presence and that they will be at peace. That the Holy Spirit will take over the atmosphere and give them rest. It is You that lifts us up, therefore, we are to also lift up and love our neighbor. To showcase Your peace, while among them is an amazing gift and only You could help us do such things. We know that we ourselves are incapable of living a life of charity but with You in our lives, we are more than conquerors. You lead us to love those that hate us. Even those people that hurt us, You help us forgive them. In this life, where so many hurtful things happen to us every day, You help us show mercy to these people. Your compassion takes over our lives and gives us over to be kind and considerate of everyone’s needs. Yes Lord, You help us put others’ lives first. You give us over to pray for our enemies and help us continue to bless them. This is the happiness You give. We are just so grateful that You can use us for Your kingdom. For You to shine down on us and other people, through us, is a gift that we cherish. I love You Lord. Amen.
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