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Trust In God Over Man

Don’t put all your trust in things that fail. So many people look righteous on the outside but on the inside are full of deceit. If you are to trustContinue Reading

Trust In God

Do you fully trust in God? The life you live exemplifies your love for Jesus. Your actions speak louder than words. If we say we love the Lord but have… Continue Reading

In God I Trust

When times are hard we need to put our trust in God. We may see no way to get out of our current predicament but He always has a way…. Continue Reading

Trust In The Lord

…We need to learn to trust in Him. Life without Jesus is like a roller coaster. We try to buckle ourselves in but it is too bumpy to handle. We… Continue Reading

Trust In Our Great God

…God deserves the highest praise. He is our mighty King. Fall down at His feet and honor Him. Put your trust in the Lord Jesus, who gives life eternal. He… Continue Reading

Trust God

Even when your fears are great, trust in God. In the very moment when your heart has sunk to despair know the Lord is with you. He is reaching out… Continue Reading

Trust In Jesus

When times are hard just say Jesus. Cry out to Him and ask for strength. Put your trust in Him and He won’t let you down. The trials in life… Continue Reading

A Virtuous Spouse

trust in her.” There is trust in a relationship when God is in the mix and we are faithful to one another. My wife was faithful to me first but… Continue Reading