Trust In The Lord And Pray Often

Some of you may be praying for mercy and forgiveness. This is s a very good thing to do and praise be to God that you are giving your heart to Him now in prayer.

Trust In God Over Man

Because of the vast amount of churches, now a days, check their doctrines and teachings with the Bible.

Give All Your Trust To God

Each time we come to the Lord, He will take us back. His compassion is unwavering. We may have just done something terrible but He is still there waiting for our return.

Trust In God

Love the Lord with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself. Serve others in any circumstance that comes your way.

In God I Trust

We must think before we act. If the Lord is with us in prayer, our decisions will be upright before Him. The best thing to do in life is trust in God.

Repent And Trust In The Lord

Will you heed the voice of the Lord and allow Him to make something of your life, this day? Lay down your sins and addictions at the feet of Jesus.

Trust In The Lord

We don’t need to bear the world on our own. We have a Savior that loves us and will comfort us. He will lift us up and give us strength.

Trust In God Over Yourself

If your focus is on God, you won’t help it but desire to live by His laws. By doing so, you are showing your trust in Him above all else.

Repent And Trust In Jesus

Please know that Jesus is so willing to help us, when we put forth effort. We must dine with Him, as sinners did when He was on earth.

In Trials Trust In Jesus

Pray to God in times of trials. Ask in faith and He will give you patience. There is no need for us to deal with trials on our own.

Trust God

Trust in God and not your own self lest you make bad choices. God will build you up and make you strong in the storms of life.

Trust In Our Great God

Our Lord God deserves the highest praise. He is our mighty King. Fall down at His feet and honor Him. Put your trust in the Lord Jesus, who gives life eternal.

Trust In Jesus

Put your trust in Jesus and He won’t let you down. We will find mercy and strength in the Lord. We will one day stand before Him in wondrous awe.

Who Do You Trust For Answers?

Why put your trust in the things of this world that will soon shrivel up and turn to dust one day? These things will eventually fail you, if it is not in God.

Reasons Not To Trust The Book Of Mormon

There is no evidence for the Book of Mormon or anything that takes place in it. Cities and their names have never been found, and people’s names have never been found on graven stone.