King Rehoboam Listened To The Wrong Counsel

Rehoboam was given counsel from wise men who feared God, and also those that didn’t care to make things better for the people. Here is what they both presented to the king.

Do Not Deny God’s Counsel

To continue to do our yown things and not be led by God is evil in the sight of God. This is denying His hand in your life and because of this, His wrath is upon you until you repent.

Counsel Family Members With Love

Be an example for the Lord. Share His teachings with your family. If anyone in your family is lost than counsel with them. Help them come to Jesus.

Accept God’s Counsel

Who do you trust? Is it God’s wisdom, through prayer, Bible study and Christian fellowship or other people of this world?

Counsel With God

How interesting it is that most times we’d rather counsel with another person of our faith then in prayer to our God.

Counsel With The Lord

Each day that we live, seek after the Lord. If something sounds contrary to God’s will seek His counsel and abide by it.

Heed God’s Counsel

The Second Coming will be similar to Noah’s time. Although God’s followers will speak of His coming only few will listen.

Come To God For Understanding

To gain knowledge, we must first understand the meaning of fear. We learn that “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.”

Absalom’s Evil Plot To Be King

It was at this time that David found himself in a bad spot with his son and the people, but his heart continued with the Lord for safety and guidance.