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Accept God’s Counsel

…based on the life you’ve lived, but His advice is the best counsel you will ever receive. Please know that 1“open rebuke is better than secret love.” God taught Solomon… Continue Reading

Counsel With God

How interesting it is that most times we’d rather counsel with another person of our faith then in prayer to our God. We intently listen to their messages of hope…. Continue Reading

Counsel With The Lord

God keeps us all at the highest standard. If we start on the path of righteousness He expects that we finish it. If we have been given counsel from the… Continue Reading

Heed God’s Counsel

Are you willfully following the Lord? If He calls you, do you answer? Noah was very obedient to God’s counsel. The Bible says that he “did according to all that… Continue Reading

Come To God For Understanding

…joyful when they 1“receive the instruction of wisdom”. They understand that they are lost in this world without Him. Understand that 1“wise man will hear” God’s counsels and obey. It… Continue Reading

Warn Your Neighbor

…attention to the Lord, that you may hear his counsel as well. God’s counsel to Ezekiel, for the 1“captivity of Telabib”, was to 1“speak unto them, and tell them, Thus… Continue Reading

Live By Faith

…heed His counsel but the counsels of men. They don’t give to God offerings of their heart but give their heart freely to the things of this world. Some may… Continue Reading