Make Time For The Lord

Seek the Lord and His counsel. Follow His will because you love Him. He will be with you every step of the way.

Turn Away From The World

Nothing we hold of value will be available in the next life. Seek God’s righteousness and you will find true joy.

Have Faith In Jesus

Even though I have never seen the Lord I believe in Him. I can feel His presence. The Spirit testifies that He lives.

Jesus Is Risen

Jesus has risen from the dead. Many witnessed His resurrection. Come to know Him for yourself and you will find a peace that never ends.

Jesus Is Alive

The Lord’s sacrifice was for us all. Because of the cross our sins are forgiven. After death Jesus rose from the dead. He is alive.

If You Love God Love Your Spouse

Develop a deeper relationship with the Lord. Let Him strengthen your marriage. Complement your spouse each day and tell them you love them.

Lift Up the Lord In Prayer

Be humble and come to the Lord often in prayer. Come to know Him. Give Him your heart. Our lives will be changed as we seek Him.

Jesus Will Cleanse Our Hearts

Give up your old life and follow Jesus. Be broken before Him. Let His healing power come over you. Let Him cleanse your heart.

Give To Those In Need

If you see anyone that are in need, care for them. If you love the Lord, walk in His ways. Give all that you have to Him.

Jesus Is Coming

Live each day as if the Lord was returning today. Be waiting and ready for His coming. Seek Him often in prayer. Live each day for the Lord.

Trust In Jesus

Put your trust in Jesus and He won’t let you down. We will find mercy and strength in the Lord. We will one day stand before Him in wondrous awe.

Only Jesus Saves

Living a life of sin is not worth it. All the world can offer us is temporary joy. True joy is found in Jesus. Give your life to Him.

Return To The Lord

Give your life to the Lord. Don’t be burdened by your sins. Let the Lord take away your shame and set you free.

Rejoice In The Lord

Give thanks to our God. Sing to the Lord and give Him praise. We are so blessed to have such a loving Savior.

Live To Be Holy

Follow the Lord and seek to learn of Him each day. Put aside your idols that keep you from Him. Give your time freely to God.

Thank You For Sharing The Gospel

The Lord’s message is going forth because of people like you. The Holy Spirit is powerful and is changing lives. Let all the world know that Jesus saves.

God’s Magnificent Creation

We were made in the likeness of God. We all have a purpose on earth. We are not alone for God is always with us. Thank Him each day in prayer.

Take Heed To The Bible

Read the Bible daily. Pray that the Holy Spirit will be with you as you read. Meditate on the Word of God. Always have words on your mind.

Give Your Time To God

Is God most important to you? Do you make time for Him in your life? Examine your priorities. Give yourself freely over to God.

Our Father In Heaven Is Perfect

We are blessed to have a perfect Father. We can count on Him in all things. He will never let us down. He is the most loving of all.

Blessed Is Our God

Our God is all mighty. Nothing compares to His glory. With Him on our side we can do all things. No obstacle can hold us back.

Praise The Lord

I love and honor the Lord. All praise to His Name. My soul sings hallelujah. I am saved because of the mercy of my King.

Seek The Lord

We need to put our trust in the Lord. We need to humble ourselves and seek His righteousness. We need to know the Lord better each day.

Counsel Family Members With Love

Be an example for the Lord. Share His teachings with your family. If anyone in your family is lost than counsel with them. Help them come to Jesus.

Thank You Lord

Give thanks to the Lord for He is merciful. Tell Him all that He means to you. Come to Him in prayer for He will answer you. Give Him praise.

God Comforts Us In Trials

When times are difficult come to God. Let Him help bear your burdens. He will give you peace. Seek others that are hurting and comfort them.