Today’s Prayer (03/22/2023)

Oh Lord, I pray that Mormons will learn the true history of Joseph Smith. If only they did, they would see him as a false prophet. Surely, Joseph was a con man and not Your servant. You have given us the Holy Spirit so that we can see who are Your true disciples and who are not. It doesn’t have to be hard to know who is a false prophet, especially when You are leading us. I love the Mormon people but can also see that they are deceived and on the path of destruction. Thank You for showing me this in order to reach them with Your truth. Help these people, God. Many of them are very nice and strive to live decent lives, unfortunately, their beliefs are not of You, but of men. If only they could see this they would run from their cult and to Your feet, Jesus, for salvation. Surely, there is no salvation through any man, but You, Jesus. To teach that people must pass through Joseph Smith to enter heaven is an abominable teaching, for it is teaching people to trust in a man for salvation and not You, Lord. These people need their eyes opened. They are blinded, and I am praying that many of them will be able to see before their life is over. I trust in You, God. Save the least of them. I love You, Lord. Amen.
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