Today’s Prayer (11/05/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people in the Mormon cult will repent of their atrocious false teachings. Truly, what they believe in and practice when it comes to their temples is so abominable. It is very sad to see how these people hate Your teachings of hell and the lake of fire and instead think they can play God and save the wicked. How do these people believe this and then go to sleep at night thinking they are right with You? How do they keep their conscience clean when playing God is idolatry and will land them in hell when they die. Help them understand how evil their beliefs are when it comes to doing works for dead people. God, many of these people have asked me if people in their cult will go to heaven, but I cannot fathom it in the least. All I can see is death and destruction for people in this Mormon cult. If only they would repent and understand that hell awaits the wicked, which means fire, brimstone, and torment. I don’t want anyone to go there. I love You, Jesus. You are my God and I worship You. Amen.

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