Today’s Prayer (08/11/2022)

Oh Lord, Your words are so sacred. Why can’t everyone see this that says they believe in You? How is it that certain individuals can ascertain that their prophets can change the Bible as much as they please? This is so wrong and denies what You have said about preserving Your Words throughout all generations. How hard is it to see how beautiful Your Words are in scripture when we read it daily? It isn’t hard. Sure, there was a time when I would fall asleep during my time reading the Bible. The same thing happened at church. But this was because I didn’t have the true gospel message in my life. I was being fed a lie through the Mormon church. Thankfully, You freed me from this bondage. I am no longer tied down by their rules, regulations, covenants, and man-made works and doctrines. Thank You for opening my eyes to the false teachings and for allowing me a second chance to be saved. I was on the path of destruction those many years in Mormonism, but You didn’t give up on me. You saw the person I would become. And since You came into my life I have been more and more engaged with You, the Bible, and talking with others about You. You put this fire in me and nobody can put it out. I love You, Jesus. I give You praise. Amen.
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