Today’s Prayer (07/04/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will stop adding to the Bible and simply read the chapters and verses as they actually read. And not just do this, but do so with the help of the Holy Spirit. Only with Your Spirit in us can we properly interpret scripture and have it be beneficial to us and others. I know that many people want to be missionaries, evangelists, teachers, preachers, and pastors in the faith. However, this is a huge calling that a person is undergoing in their lives. For this reason, these individuals need to make sure what they believe in is from You and not from man. What we have are many false witnesses in the world we live in. They can teach a good sermon or seem to know the Bible well, but if they do not have Your Spirit with them we cannot trust them. I have seen so many people that appear to be righteous on the outside, but inwardly are so vile and wicked just like unto the world. It is a shame to even speak of the things they believe in and teach also. Lord, have mercy upon these lost souls. You know that I have been trying to be a light in the darkness, but only a few people are willing to hear You in the days we are living in. Surely, people want to live their own lives and don’t want us to be interrupted even if their beliefs are false. So I ask that You make a way for me and others to reach those who are ready to receive You. I love You, Lord. Use me mightily for Your kingdom. Amen.
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