Today’s Prayer (06/26/2022)

Oh Lord, help me and others in the faith to be an even better witness to the Mormons. Not only do I live in a state where Mormonism is prevalent, but LDS missionaries message me often. I once thought that this was a wonderful thing, for these lost people are so hard to get the truth across. There are many opportunities to share the gospel with them, although it is difficult. God, I did not realize how hard-headed and blinded these people really are. What they want to do is share their false teachings with us, but the moment we tell them what the Bible says they close up inside and the conversation goes south. Therefore, help us have more fruitful opportunities with these cult members. If the people I have been conversing with will never hear the truth of God, then let me know so that I can move on and talk to other Mormons who are searching for truth. I am asking that You put people on my path who are ready to hear the gospel. Those who want to know Your truth and know it by way of Your messenger on earth. I love to speak Your truth to different crowds, but especially love to do one-on-one conversations. Wherever You will lead me, I will go. Open my mouth and I will speak. I am Your willing servant. Lead me this day and forever. I will do what You say. I love You, Lord. I give You praise and all the glory. You deserve it. Amen.
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