Today’s Prayer (06/12/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that Your will be done in my life. Help me to grow in my faith and not fall by the wayside as many other Christians have over the years. Many people would wish that I would curse You and no longer live for You. They hate it when I bless You and do not deny my strong convictions in You. Persecutions have come into my life many times, but my faith in You has remained and gotten stronger. Circumstances are not always easy to bear, but with the Holy Spirit in my life, it is much easier to get by. Your comfort and peace are out of this world, and I am grateful that You have blessed me. So I say to the people who curse You and Your people that all blessings on earth and in heaven belong to You. As they curse You, I bless, honor, and praise Your Holy Name, God. The wicked will one day find out how wrong they were in denying You, Jesus, while having done so by leading others astray also. How great is their destruction. No person will ever understand Your ways perfectly. To think that we can comprehend Your mind is outright wrong. I will not put You in a box as some people have. If You said something in the Bible, then I believe it. I will not question my King. I love You, Lord. I bless You. Amen.
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