Today’s Prayer (05/19/2022)

Oh Lord and my God, hear me now as I call upon Your Name. Your Name is higher than any other Name. You deserve the praise and all the glory and honor. Who am I to give anyone praise but to You and You alone. You are mighty to Save, Jesus, and I am grateful that You have come into my life in order to save a wretch like me. I don’t deserve Your love, but You show it just the same. In my tears do You come and wipe them all away. You are the bearer of joy and continue to remove all the sadness from my heart. I have been down and depressed at times in my life and You always came through, while bringing me peace and comfort that I surely needed to go on in life. My life may not be perfect, but with Your presence with me, I am much better off in this darkened world. I still have some pretty rough days, but You continue to swoop in and carry me when I am unable to walk on my own. Lord, because I have breath, You have caused it to be so. I am alive now because You have more work for me to do in Your Kingdom. Thank You for trusting in me as Your servant and witness on earth. Help me to achieve the things that You desire for my life. I love You, Lord. You are my God and my King. I worship You. Amen.
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