Today’s Prayer (08/31/2021)

Oh Lord, I know that only You can give me the wisdom I need, in order to do Your will in this life. Sure, many people are being used by You in giving me wisdom also, and I am so grateful for people in the faith that I can learn from. However, the best knowledge I could ever gain comes from is in the Bible and through prayer. Each time I open up the pages of the Holy Bible, my eyes are drawn to know You better than ever before. There is wisdom to be had that I never thought was possible. Thank You, God, for giving me wisdom when it comes to the Bible, especially with more difficult books like Revelation. This one book is often not read or taught on in church, because the mysteries are so difficult for a person in the flesh to understand. The same can be said about Your parables, Jesus. But all this is revealed while in the Spirit. These many days that I have been searching the scriptures and teaching on the different chapters therein I have gained more knowledge than ever before. You have opened my eyes to the things of heaven and earth that I would never have known unless I was seeking You with my whole heart. Yes, God, I love You with all my heart, mind, and soul. Telling others about You, Jesus, is what makes me happier than anything else. I can’t explain it, but when I open up my mouth to share the gospel, You are the one that fills it. No more is my flesh speaking, but You alone. Thank You, Lord. Keep me constant in the Spirit. I never wish to have this guidance from You leave me. I love You, God. Amen.

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