Today’s Prayer (06/04/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will help me and others live for You. We are incapable of doing this on our own. Even Your ten commandments are out of our reach of keeping without Your mighty hand in our everyday lives. Our flesh is weak and we are easy targets for the enemy when we are not protected. Therefore, build us up in Your armor, that way the fiery darts of the enemy will be deflected and have no place in our lives. Temptations are often given especially for us and what our flesh desires, but they always lead to guilt and shame in the end. As my flesh is gratified in the moment, my relationship with You is shattered and tainted in darkness. I am unable to see You clearly after that until I finally reach for You in all my confessions. This is what I deal with on a yearly basis and I am so sorry. I wish that once and for all, the enemy would no longer come to my door. That He would no longer infiltrate my life, or the lives of my family, friends, and fellow Christians. But only You can put me in a strong tower that nobody can enter. My flesh may be weak, but I am made strong with You. May my eyes be fixed upon the prize of eternal life and never let it ever slip from my grasp. Forgive me for not always living up to Your standards. I want to live differently, so make me different, Lord. May there no longer be a struggle with sin, but a fight. In this life, I will run from the enemy and to You instead. I trust in You, Jesus. Give me strength. Lead me from temptation. I love You. Amen.
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