Today’s Prayer (05/20/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will all come to a realization of what we have in the faith. That there is actual substance therein that will bring us unto You in this life and the next. We can’t just take our faith for granted and do our own things. I’ve learned the hard way when it comes to this and I am so sorry for deserting You. I look back now and know that my life was different then. I had pleasure, but it was only through the fleshly nature of this world. It lasted for a moment, but then guilt and shame always pilled up in my mind because of my sins. This is because the joy was not real. Satan has always attempted to manufacture something that appears to be good and appealing on the outside, but He can never do what You do for us on the inside. I’ve discovered that my joy can last, but only through following You, Jesus. Outside of You is darkness and evil dwells therein. I do not wish to have any more darkness seep into my life, but to have Your light forever dwell. I confess that I am a sinner and need You, Lord, in my life. Be ever with me and help me to not fall like others do. And may Your light so shine in me, that the wicked may come unto You also in all their confessions. You are able to restore us into the fold, even if people have fallen away. I believe in You, God. Yes, Father, thank You for adopting me into Your fold as Your son. I may call myself Your servant, but You call me Your son. Wow! I am so blessed. I love You, God. I can do all things through Your mighty hands. Amen.

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