Today’s Prayer (04/15/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that more people in all the world will come to know You. And I am not just speaking of You showing Yourself to them in dreams and visions, but also through true believers who really love and honor You. So raise up more witnesses, that more people may come to know You, Jesus, and be saved. I love to go on the streets and tell people about You, Jesus, but only a few people are doing the same. And it has become even more worse than I thought. Because of this global pandemic, people are giving in to what the authorities are telling them. Not only are they allowing themselves to be shot with untested vaccines, but they are wearing masks and don’t wish to come in close contact with people anymore. I have seen this on the streets also which is sad. And what this has caused are people who are now afraid to evangelize and get close to people, in order to share Your love with them. I wish I could wake people up to serve You, but too many people are good with how their lives are now. Even many churches have stopped evangelism efforts, which is very sad. All I know is that You are my God and can do all things. So I trust that people will get that new desire to still serve You, even in the times we are in now. I believe in You, Jesus. I love You. Amen.
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