Today’s Prayer (04/08/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that the preaching of the cross becomes important to each one of us in the faith. I have talked to way too many people who are put off by the talk of the crucifixion. And it is very sad each time I meet people like this. For I know that that they are perishing and need to understand the importance of the cross in order to be saved. Yes, God, without allowing Your sacrifice on the cross to cover their sins, these same people will continue walking a life that leads to destruction. There are too many people who appear to be righteous, but are really lost and need You more than they will ever know. All I know, God, is that I was lost until I found You. It wasn’t until I realized what You really did for me on the cross, that my life changed forever. I am no longer the same person. Because You died for my sins, that means that Your forgiveness is for me also. Wow! I am so blessed to know You now. Thank You for allowing me to live a little longer, in order to repent and come fully surrendered to You and Your kingdom. I say fully surrendered because that is what it took to finally draw near unto You. Telling people I believed in You was one thing, but that meant nothing until if I humbled myself and submitted my life to You. Now I know what it means to truly be saved and I am happier than ever. Thank You, God, for Your mercy and grace. Because of Your sacrifice on the cross and the resurrection, I have new life. This life I live is for You, Jesus. Do with me what You will. I love You. I praise You. Amen.

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