Sinner’s Prayer (03/16/2021)

Oh Lord, we come to You now and ask for Your forgiveness and mercy. We are sorry for falling into the traps of the enemy. We could have done better when it comes to calling out for Your help when temptations came, but instead, we felt we could deal with it on our own and fell. Sorry, God. Forgive me. You know exactly what I have done, and it grieves me to come to You now. It is very sad to know that I have gone against Your best wishes and have succumbed to the devil’s wishes instead. I hope and pray that You accept my confessions as a sin offering on my behalf. I know that you have already suffered for my sins, but I accept Your sacrifice in my life also. It is my desire now to come to You when I feel overly tempted beyond my will. You have delivered me in the past and I trust You will continue to do so. I trust in You, God. Build me up with Your armor, that I may not so easily fall again. I love You, Lord. You are my Savior, Jesus, and I run to You now. Receive me, Lord. Amen.
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