Today’s Prayer (02/19/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will understand how much You so desire for us to enter Your kingdom when we die. As You promised, there are mansions for those people who trust in You in this life. And I can’t believe how short this life really is. It seems like yesterday that I was so young and was being brought up by two wonderful parents in my dad and my mom, but now as I am older, they are both gone and passed away. It is so sad, God, to see people I love, pass on to the grave, especially my mother, who recently died yesterday. It was a sad day for sure and many tears were shed, but one thing I know is that people who truly loved You in this life, have nothing to fear in the next. Do I know that my mother is saved and is with You now in paradise? I do not, but pray that You saw her heart for You, Jesus. You saw all those times she prayed and earnestly sought You in this life. During my visits to see her, I shared the gospel with her, and she did respond favorably to it. I am so happy she even went to some Bible studies with me during those years in the assisted living facility. Thank You, Lord, for opening her heart to give that a chance and to trust in You even more than ever before. Even in those last moments that I was with her, I read from Your Word, the Bible, about the abundant peace that awaits every believer in heaven. How there are mansions up there and no more sorrow, death, or pain. I pray that she was comforted in those last moments by these words. Certainly, there is salvation from Your hands alone and not any religion on earth. Therefore, I come to You daily as Your son who believes in and loves You with all his heart. Amen.
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