Today’s Prayer (09/25/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will turn from their sins and follow You. This includes every person who would be called a fornicator, adulterer, drunkard, covetous, porn watcher, homosexual, liar, idolater, and any other willful sin that causes them to stumble. People in this world need to realize that there are consequences to our sinful living. Your judgements are upon such people who commit sin and have accepted it as being ok for them. This is a wayward thinking caused by the enemy, and I pray that they will be set free in Your mighty Name, Jesus. May people begin to hate sin as much as You do. That even the appearance of evil will become despicable in their sight. This has happened to me and I know that this new mindset has come because of the Holy Spirit. You have broken every chain of darkness in my life that I might be born again. No longer does the enemy have a stronghold in my life, for You are with me, Jesus. Thank You for Your protection. I love and honor You with all my heart, mind, and soul. You are the God of the universe, even the maker of all creation. For this reason, it would be awesome to willfully sin before You. You can see my every move and to sin in Your presence would mean me choosing the world over You, which I cannot do. I would rather be saved than have anything that appears to be good in this world. Pleasure in the moment is not worth spending an eternity in hell. Therefore, I will live this day and forever for You. You are my greatest joy. Amen.
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