Today’s Prayer (09/18/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will begin to see the error of their ways. That when good Christians approach them of their sins, that they will take their counsel with joy. Even to the point of confessing their sins to You in prayer. Lord, there are way too many people who call themselves Christians who also walk in the ways of darkness and don’t even care one bit. And to approach them of about there sins, they take offense and say, “stop judging me”. This is what I call a generation of people who disregard other people’s opinions when it comes to their lifestyle. They even hate it when we try to point them to You and to no longer willfully sin, which is very disheartening. Even so many people are making a noise in this society about worldly things, but are slow to speak about anything that is of You. People are quick to go home and turn on their TV, but slow to pick up the Bible and read it. They are anxious to pick up their smartphone throughout the day but have no time to pray to You. What a perverse and wicked generation we live in. So many people are lifted up in the cares of this world and living a life that goes against You and are unwilling to see the error in their ways. So Lord, lead people in the faith to them, that they may speak for You and plant seeds in their hearts. I do not wish to see more people be found guilty because of their neglect to know and follow You, but that more people will become born again of the Holy Spirit. Lord, I am asking for You to pierce the hearts of the wicked, even in dreams, visions, and through people. Set them free through Your mighty power. I believe in You, Jesus. I trust in You for salvation. I love You, Lord. Amen.
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