Today’s Prayer (09/06/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will gain real faith in You. That their faith will no longer be dead but become alive in them. So many people can worship You in church and say they believe in You, but then during the week, they live just like the world. They are not any different than people who are not saved. And God, this leads me to believe that pastors are teaching a watered-down gospel in their church, that their members don’t even know any better. And this is because the importance of reading the Bible outside of church is not emphasized. Either is repenting of our sins and getting right with You in prayer and baptism. So many people now think that repenting of our sins is not necessary and good works are bad. How sad is this to see these people brainwashed in thinking this way. Lord, I wish that people would come to realize that what is taught in scripture overrules their pastor and their own beliefs. I so desire that people would check the Bible with everything they know now, in order to make sure it is true. Lord, I have done this and can now spot the heresies that are taught in church. I can’t even stay sitting down anymore if I hear any false teaching or a watered-down gospel. Lord, this makes me want to scream, for it upsets me to know that so many people are being led astray because of these teachings. Lord, I know that it would be disrespectful to say anything during the meeting, so I leave it for afterward. Surely, what is false needs to be brought to light, especially if people have spoken against Your Words. The same can be said about a watered-down gospel. These people are lukewarm and will one day be spewed out of Your mouth, lest they repent. I love You, God. Thanks for hearing me out on these matters. Help me to know what to do next. Amen.
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