Today’s Prayer (09/03/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will stop giving themselves over to things that will never help them. Things that will only lead them apart from You and not lead them to know You, Jesus. TV is an idol in our society and people are leaning on it over You, which is sad. I just don’t know how to reach these people who are in sin and don’t realize it. How they have made television their idol and don’t care. Lord, people need to know that believing in You is an action. It isn’t a one day a week thing, but an everyday event. We aren’t known for sitting idly by watching our favorite TV shows but are busy doing Your work for Your kingdom. There are souls to be saved and who has time to turn on their TV anymore when the Holy Spirit is leading us to do more. I know the urgency of getting up and out of my house and witnessing to the lost. I love doing this, for it brings me great joy to see people hear the good news of the gospel and be saved. What a blessing it is to see people so desirous to receive Bibles and gospel tracts and even prayer. All I know, Lord, is that when I go out in faith is that much is accomplished for Your kingdom, even healings. However, if I remain at home like everyone else and watch TV, then time will go by faster. Even my time with You will become shorter and shorter. Over time I know I will lose sight of Your presence if I am not careful. Therefore, keep me apart from the television set. Don’t allow me to get sucked into it again. I love You more than making it my idol. Amen.
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