Today’s Prayer (08/20/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will desire to be set free from every evil force in their lives. If anything is keeping them from Your presence and doing Your will, come and convict them of their sins and false beliefs, that they may start making the necessary changes in their lives. I know that the day that I got rid of all my UFO TV Shows from my DVD collection that there was a big sense of relief. Many other things have also been removed from my life like most TV and movies, including violent video games and even pornography. All this I owe to You, Jesus. I don’t even care to watch TV anymore, for I would rather seek Your hand, gain more understanding, and then go out and make a difference in this world. How could I still be a slave to sin, if You have come and set me free? The answer is that I cannot do things that are evil and still feel good about myself. You have put a new spirit in me and even now can I see who is in darkness and who is in your light. Surely, people with piercings all over their bodies are far from You. Even people who have put tattoos on their bodies have drawn attention to themselves, although it is evil in Your sight and ours. Surely, we can see that people have made a poor choice to defile their bodies, which is Your holy temple, and they are not yet sorry for what they have done. If they were, then they would do something about their piercings and tattoos. Lord, bring a conviction to these people in sin and lead them to a new way of life, where You are leading them and not the world. I love You. Your ways lead to eternal life. Take me by the hand and lead me all my days. I give You praise and honor. Amen.
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