Today’s Prayer (08/14/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray for every person in the faith. That they will realize that Your desires are so much greater than the desires of the devil. Satan can tempt us with so many things that seem so good for the flesh, but there is always guilt and pain that comes along with it. We can’t stay on Your righteous path if we keep giving in to his desires and not Yours. So equip us with Your armor, God. We can’t be victorious against the enemy on our own strength. Come and build us up in the Holy Spirit and allow Your Words to abound within us all day long. As we look to You daily and read the Bible, help us remember what is taught, and follow You. Now, for those people who say they believe in You and are currently far from You now, convict them of their sins. Help them understand that these feelings are good for them and not bad. How in their brokenness, You can come and rescue them. All they need to do is lay down their sins at Your feet and Your mercy is for them. People do not have to live a life of fear, pain, guilt, shame, or depression. Your goodness and grace are ready to flow deep into any person’s lives who are ready to live for You. Surely, there is nothing like Your love and desires for our lives. I feel stronger when You are near. I am even strong to resist temptations and follow You instead. So abide in me all my days and never leave my side. Keep my mind focused on serving You until my days are done. I love You more than anything this world can offer me. I am content in the things You bless me in, so why do I need anything else to sustain me. Lord, come and shine Your light, even now. Cast out all the darkness that remains in my life. I choose You. I love You. Amen.

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