Today’s Prayer (08/09/2020)

Lord God, I pray for people who I know are suffering and other people in my community who are suffering as well. I hate it when things are rough for me and can only sense how it is making others feel at this time. Surely, when times are hard, I wish people would cry out to You for help, for I know that You are a gracious God and desire to do all things for our good. But sometimes our afflictions are for our benefit, even though it may not seem this way at the moment. For later in life after we are healed by Your mighty power can we tell others about this miraculous event and stir up people to follow You, Jesus, also. Lord, it is my desire to help people know that You are listening to our prayers, but that Your answers come in Your own due time and not our own. We cannot speed up our own recovery based on our amount of prayers, unless it is Your will at that very moment that we pray. And Lord, I wish that more people would call upon people in the church to pray and to help them in these dark times. People need to be made aware of our needs. Then, can good Christian people come to their homes and pray over them. Even a healing can take place if It is Your will. I know this to be true, for Your mighty power is still working on this earth. I have seen Your healings first hand and I know that the people who have been healed were meant to be in those in those moments. What we need now are more people of faith that will also pray for others. We need Christians to rise up and no longer be afraid of speaking healing by Your mighty Name Jesus to those who are sick and afflicted. And Lord, I pray that more people will rise up and desire to look to help and pray for others who are afflicted. That they will get out of their houses and do something great for Your kingdom. Thank You Jesus for everything. I love You. Amen.
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