Today’s Prayer (06/30/2020)

Oh Lord, I am grateful for Your wisdom and Your guidance in life. I would be so lost in my own ways if You were not there with me. There were times in my life that I was giving the wrong advice to people who didn’t need it. I thought I knew the person before even getting to know them first. How foolish I was, God? I may have had a form of godliness about me, but I had created it and not You. Therefore, I am grateful that You came into my life and humbled me. It was in my pride that You corrected me and helped me truly understand Your ways. Even the way that I spoke to people has changed because You are right there with me now. It would be terrible if I said anything that was hurtful to someone of whom I didn’t know what they were going through. So in all my days do I reach for You, that You might help me know exactly what to say and act around people. It is my desire to bring peace into people’s lives, not contention. I desire to love everyone, not to have people be angry with me. It is my heart’s desire to see people be comforted in their trials and never feel burdened by me being around them. So Lord, pour down upon me and other Christians the power of the Holy Spirit. Fill our lives with the type of love that will move people to give You glory and praise. Never do I wish to have any recognition for what I do for You, but to always bring people back to You. You are worthy of our praise and honor, not man. Therefore, I reach out to You with arms wide open for You to receive me. Bring Me into Your presence and usher into my life and people around me Your joy, peace, happiness, and love. If I have breath, I only want You with me. Never again do I wish to live this life alone, but with You right by side. I love You, Jesus. You are my Lord and Savior. Amen.

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