Today’s Prayer (06/25/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray for every brother and sister in the faith. May they come to know the reality of Your great love and then desire to showcase it among their neighbors. What is it for us to get upset with people who are new to the faith, but rejoice in their salvation instead. Even people we know, where walls have been built up because of all the evil things they have done to us over the years, it is up to us to simply forgive them as You already forgave them. It is Your guidance and direction in our lives, Lord, that helps us love and forgive one another as You forgive us. Surely, we are incapable of forgiving people that have treated us so badly, unless you are there to help us. Our fleshly instincts say to hurt them back like they have hurt us, and to see them suffer because of what they have done. But I know that these fleshly desires are wrong and need to be removed from our lives, in order to follow You completely. For how can we say that we are forgiven when we cannot forgive others. Surely, You will only forgive those that will forgive one another. So, Lord, I pray that an outpouring of the Holy Spirit will come into my life and others in the faith also. Teach us how to live this life for You. Help us put down our pride and arrogance, that we may be lifted up in love and kindness towards people instead. The times that I have forgiven people of their crimes against me is when the Holy Spirit has come into my life more completely. The more I can give away of my own fleshly desires, the more I can live this life to honor You and not men. And if my desires are to see people be saved in Your kingdom, which it is, then no matter who the person is I am there to welcome them home. I am there to rejoice with them. They were lost and had done sinful things, but they are now found and made new In Your presence. I love You, Lord. Amen.
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