Today’s Prayer (04/19/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will continue to follow in Your righteous ways if they are found doing this now. It doesn’t matter if they had lived for You for a time in their lives. What matters is now. Every day that we have breath should be a new day to live out our lives in worship to You. I often wonder how people in church can act a certain way, but then act entirely different outside of church. Surely, being two-faced is not something You wish we would be for Your kingdom. This is what You call hypocrites, for people seem to be religious a certain day of the week or at times in their lives, but other times they blend right in with the people of the world. Lord, these types of people are not made new and different from the wicked, for they are just like them. So I wish that these kinds of people will understand the consequences of what they are doing. May they be convicted of their sins today, and not later. It is important that they understand what they are doing wrong and follow You instead. Surely, we cannot be a slave to our sins, and still be true followers of You, God. We either love the lifestyle we have made for ourselves, or love the lifestyle that You make us out to be. There is a big difference in a person’s life in the world, for they are not born again, nor a spirit-filled person. However, those people that have been filled with Holy Spirit have been touched by Your mighty hand, and they are able to walk differently. Even in baptism, did the gift of the Holy Ghost come inside of them, like a fire, making them not want to willfully sin anymore. This is what You put in my heart, God. Thank You. Now I know what it means to be blessed eternally. My good things in life do not come from the world, but things that I am able to build in Your kingdom. Surely, only by following You, Jesus, can a person be saved. This I pray that more people will believe in and do as You say. I love You. Amen.
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