Today’s Prayer (04/13/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will wake up to their sins this day. I know that many people that even say they are Christians are doing many sinful and abominable things in secret. They think that hiding it from people is ok, for nobody knows what they are up to but them. Oh, how wrong the wicked of this world have become. Don’t they know that You can see all things? Even when people are given over to looking at pornography, sleeping around, masturbating, doing drugs, drinking to get drunk, and other things, You see it all God. Even in your awesome presence, Your wrath is stirred up because of such people. Surely, we cannot get away with our crimes and still think we are ok with You and be saved. It is a fearful thing to fall into the living God, especially when we die in our sinful state. Therefore, I call people everywhere to wake up from their slumber. Don’t you see what You are doing is wrong? Lord, set a revival in the hearts of these people. May they come unto You and confess their sins before it is too late. I know that people can be humbled to a point of seeing how wretched they really are and repent, once and for all. You are so merciful and kind, but also just. I just pray that your mercy will fall upon every wicked person that repents, so that they do not have to experience hell, but be with You in heaven. Heaven is going to be so wonderful, Lord. I just hope and pray that more people will join us there. I don’t wish people to suffer, but to experience the joy of the Lord and Your great love that never ends. I love You, Lord. May Your blood cover every person that joins themselves to You today in prayer. Amen.
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